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Rocket is an international artist who is known for his ability to communicate using an array of mediums ranging from graphic art, screen printing, painting, to sculpting and 3D printing. “With the guiding principle of my art being Peace, Love, and Technology,” commented Rocket, “I create not only to entertain but to bring awareness to our social structures and how we can use them to convey messages that aid in the emotional evolution of our race.” Rocket has recently worked with entities such as Monster Energy, Nike, and Universal Records.

His latest project titled "Hardware,” collection of paintings and sculptures representing the advancement of digital technology and its impacts on each generation. With a playful idea touching on basic emotions and feelings such as joy, happiness, pain, home, safety to name a few. Using Buttons and Joysticks to connect these ideas to our basic senses. There is an immersive interactive experiment for participants to use their imagination to create a one of a kind sculpture using recycled 3D printed items.

For further information about Chris Rocket’s work and available appointment times email ChrisRocket42@gmail.com.